Feel Good Friday - Get to Know Our Members

Feel Good Friday – Get To Know Our Members!

 It is true, many of our members are pretty routine about the days and times that they spend in the Den. However, with the New Year, many of you are increasing the number of attendance days (YAY!), even dropping into classes from time to time. We have recently had some lovely opportunities for the gym community to socialize and to take that one step further, I would like to provide an additional opportunity for our members to become more familiar with each other. Who knows? You may just find a new partner in crime!


I can’t really say enough about how lovely it is to work with this woman. It has been such an exciting experience watching her work past her injuries, become stable, stronger and more proficient in her skills! She is meticulous about her workouts, even adjusting her nutrition to accommodate the programming that we have employed. She is passionate about her goals and it shows. Iron Lion Strong, indeed!





Hardworking, Humble, and Hilarious – Meet Heather!


I transitioned into personal training in 2012 after coming to New York in 2007 from a small town in Louisiana and 10years employment as a stagehand and aspiring performer. I understood then the importance of long term personal care and wanted a career that would not only sustain me physically; but also spiritually. Over the years, I have worked with all walks of life, age, sex, and skill level. I continue to enjoy training because it teaches me more about myself and humanity. You rarely form a relationship with a client without getting an inside look at the gritty details. It is personally satisfying to assist people dealing with life and seeing the joy that comes from working to better oneself. That's what keeps me striving to offer the best service possible.

After moving through different gym environments and working to discover who I was as a trainer, I had sustained a fair amount of wear and tear on my body. Worse yet, I was becoming continually more frustrated in my search for a lifelong activity that fit my body; that I could own. After discussions with a trusted associate regarding the pros and cons of cross fit and extensive research, I happened upon Iron Lion by sheer luck. Upon opening a copy of Boro magazine one day, I saw an article for the gym's reopening in a larger space. What sold me was not the space; I have worked in some of the most high tech gyms in this city, mind you. It was the coaches. After reading over the bios on the website, I was impressed at the level of education and experience each one held; and being a trainer, I actually know what all of those acronyms mean!
Specifically, my sights settled on my current trainer Hayley. I felt a potential connection through her extensive dance background and was intrigued by her gymnastics experience as well. After an hour of extensive physical assessment, I thought, " This woman knows her stuff!"  I bit the bullet and signed up for a month of one-on-one sessions; which was a big investment for me, but I had a good feeling. Needless to say, I have been training at the gym with or without supervision 5 days a week for almost 6 months now and could not be happier with my investment.

I transitioned into small group training after a month of supervised sessions. I have typically been a lone wolf in the gym and continue to do much of my training unsupervised. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I enjoyed the group sessions. It is a small enough environment where I don't feel neglected and I was lucky enough to get partnered with a lovely assortment of women of all ages, backgrounds, and personalities. Despite our differences, we meld well, we motivate each other, laugh together, and we share each other's triumphs and struggles in and out of the gym. In a world that continues to grow and yet become more isolating, it is nice to have this outlet.



 Over the past year, with the assistance of a supportive team and management at work, and now my home away from home, I feel that I have hit my stride personally and professionally. Iron Lion Performance has offered me more than a good workout. They have helped me to develop into the athlete I knew I could be. This summer, I plan on attaining my level one Kettlebell coaching certification from Strongfirst, but I know that is just the first step in a long and exciting journey. The friendly familial environment invites open discussion so I am constantly learning from others regarding technique, business, nutrition, networking and life in general. I am able to take these lessons and share them with others, which has added great value to my business. The numbers show it and so do the excited faces of my clients.