Feel Good Friday: New Year, New Goals

January 2017 will spell the beginning of some exciting additions at Iron Lion Performance - notably, the official introduction of the IRON LION S.T.R.O.N.G. Nutrition program at Jason and Lauren’s seminar on January 14th.

Shortly, an Information and Event center will be going up near the programming files at the front desk to keep everyone up to date on gym activities as well as the exciting endeavors of our members. If you have an event coming up, please let us know, our community loves a good bonding activity!

And as the holiday decorations disappeared around the gym, you may have noticed a few small changes in the back room: Goal Boards!

Yes, the team here at ILP is always excited to hear and record your major focus for 2017 on The Wall Of Joan, but we would also like to invite you to share some measurable goals with the gym for support and encouragement. We believe that identifying and displaying the “rungs on your ladder” as well as tracking the frequency of your gym visits will allow you to blow those goals out of the water! 


How does this work?

Every ILP member will receive a card to attach to the “I WILL” board. On it, you will record your name, monthly goals (touch your toes,own the swing...etc) and quarterly goals (bigger goals) . This card will also serve as a tic sheet of your gym visits. Though many of you see us numerous times a week, we recommend a modest goal of 3 times a week to stay consistent with your plan. Visualization and accountability can be valuable tools in the road to your achievements!

Upon the completion of your goal, we will place your picture (perhaps displaying your accomplishment ) on the “I DID” board. You will then receive a new goal card! As hungry and determined as our members have been, we can’t wait to start filling up that picture board! So have at it, ladies and gentlemen! Get those goals in gear, grab a coach and set up your card! We can’t wait to assist you in creating a year to remember!