Take Pride Tuesday: Shoveling Success

We are one week into the New Year…..have you made any adjustments yet? What are you going to do differently then you previously did in 2016?

Last week I wrote about a New Years resolution and how acting will make you stronger and less sluggish. I am choosing to own the day as opposed to having the day own me!

This past Saturday we had our first snow storm of 2017 and it certainly left its mark.  Being just about 6 inches the snow near my house was wet and heavy.  In previous years, I would shovel for long periods of time and would later experience lower back pain.  I would come in the house feeling like I went 10 rounds with Mike Tyson, take a shower and then need to wear ben-gay patches on my back because I was so sore, hurting and fatigued.


This year I was ready!

My training over the last couple of months had me shoveling with hardly any fatigue and best of all NO lower back pain at all.  After shoveling twice over the span of 4 hours I felt energized.This made me realize I can’t stop, as I must put in more work to continue getting stronger.

This will not be the only snow storm we have in NYC, so making my workouts a habit will be important moving forward.  While this may seemlike a small win, it gave me the ability to enjoy quality time pain-free with the family; drinking hot chocolate during game night and eating smores (well at least the kids did!).  All the small wins add up in the end that will give me the ability to do the simple things in life.  Don’t let lower back pain or fatigue stop you from coming in and becoming Iron Lion Strong!