Athletic Performance: Rewrite the Program

One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.
— Freud

Another year is coming to an end, a new year about to begin, and it’s that time when we all begin to look back and reflect on the year that was, while simultaneously looking forward on a blank slate that is 2017. Take the time you need to reflect and ask yourself how you feel about 2016. Whether you accomplished everything you wanted - I applaud you - or you find yourself wanting - I’m in this category - I urge you, for 2017, to rewrite the program.



For 2017, let’s worry less, and do more - know that our goals are more about progression than perfection - that the WHY is greater than any distraction life is going to punch us with - notice and name the changes we’ve successfully made during our journeys - let’s be comfortable within our failures - rejoice in the small wins everyday - view everything as a chance to gain insight and self-knowledge….oh, and fall, pick ourself up, and fall again. As actor Charlie Day once said, “Because without this struggle, what is your success anyways?”. 

There is a constant that 2017 will bring to all of us, and that is struggle. I’m saying let’s embrace it more than we did this past year, because the most basic component of life is that our struggles determine our successes. Ask for the struggle, and not the reward. Ask for the process, and not the result. Love the fight, not only the victory. Who you are is defined by what you are wiling to struggle for. By asking for the journey that is the struggle, the process, and the fight, the rewards, results, and our ultimate success will happen without us realizing. 

I leave you, and 2016 with this. I am not one for New Year’s resolutions. As I reflect and make my list for 2017, I prefer to ask myself “what could I have done better?”. Life is a never-ending climb of peaks and vallys. So let’s not miss the point staring directly at us every year, that no matter the resolution, you’re not allowed to stop climbing…the joy is in the climb. The difference between climbing 100 feet and climbing 500 feet is a point of view. Don’t look down in 2017. Keep climbing. You can rewrite the program now. 

Strength is journey. Enjoy the ride. 

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