Athletic Performance: The Power of Small Wins

By: Jason Harrell

Have you ever set a goal for yourself and thought afterwards whoa….that’s a big goal… and then just felt overwhelmed throughout the process of obtaining it? Or how many times have you seen someone else’s large and ambitious visions get abandoned because their goal seemed too burdensome? 


The truth of the matter is that sometimes our dreams are larger than we can realistically accomplish at any given time. We often think that in order to achieve great things or create major change for ourselves that it has to begin with some monumental effort as a first step. We don’t have to start big to go big. 


I often talk about how our goals are more about progress and less about perfection. Hey, done is better than perfect! Being perfect is overrated, unreal, and much less satisfying than continued forward progress, no matter how imperfect. When we set up our goal and design those first steps, they don’t need to be large or ambitious, they just need to be progression towards the finish line and they need to be able to be accomplished. 


A colleague of mine once said, “I’m not interested in how heavy, how quickly, or how many times you can do something poorly.” Now, he said this in regards to quality over quantity with kettlebell mechanics while also poking at the proverbial crossfit bear. But his statement resonated with me much more than just as a funny punchline. 


For instance, this statement can be applied to being efficient at your job, paying off your debt, finishing your final project, running your own business, doing your warmup, working towards that pull-up, or a half bodyweight kettlebell strict press. Okay, the kettlebell press is mine, but even I have remind myself at times that it’s about the small wins. 


All the small wins add up. It’s those small wins that will lead to the Mecca that is our greatness and the major change that we’re striving for. The small wins are what keep us coming back in the room for more


Remember when that swing finally started to float? Or how about when the squat didn’t hurt your joints anymore? Think about all the “ahhh-haaa” moments you’ve had. Those are the small wins. 


They add up and are the most powerful wins we can have as individuals reaching to make major change. There’s something powerful about visibly seeing progress toward a goal. Small wins are the most powerful wins we can have as individuals reaching to make major change. When we start small we end up achieving big. 

Strength is a journey. Enjoy the ride.