Take Pride Tuesday: The Goal

Each week we have focused on team members pushing themselves to achieve their individual goals. But, how exactly do you get to a point to set a goal when there are so many to set; sports goals, family goals and even personal goals.

 First, consider what you want to achieve and then COMMIT to it. You see, commitment is an essential part of creating and attaining goals.

You have heard of the infamous “NEW YEARS RESOLUTION GOALS,” but how many people follow through with those goals consistently. They work hard, but they do not seem to get anywhere worthwhile.

Once you’ve decided on your first set of goals, keep the process going and review and update your plan to keep yourself accountable and on track. Back in early October I attempted to deadlift 400lbs and failed miserably, barely getting the weight off the ground with my face turning beet red in the process. It was important for me to realize that it wasn't a failure, but rather an opportunity to set and achieve a new goal. Keeping this in mind and holding myself accountable each week, we fast forward 10 weeks with a success of deadlifting 405lbs. Now, it's time to set a new goal of graduating from the trap bar to deadlifting on the straight bar for 400lbs.

A goal is a powerful process for thinking about your future and for motivating yourself to turn your vision into reality.  At Iron Lion Performance, you are empowered to take charge of your goals and track progress through your customized programs. We celebrate all wins (even the small ones) because seeing the transformations become reality is the most powerful motivation to continue achieving your goals. Identifying your weaknesses will give you the starting point to having you master your movements and have you meeting your goals in no time.

Come on in and get a head start on creating and achieving your goals as we approach the New Year and hopefully the New You!