Feel Good Friday- Grateful for the Chain of Learning

Feel Good Friday – Grateful for the Chain of Learning

 In the recent weeks, I have seen numerous posts and blogs about “gratefulness” pop across my social media feed and flood my inbox. Yes, I could attribute all of this to coincidence, or even the start of the holiday season, but instead, in true Hayley fashion, I thought, “Here is a pattern. What I am supposed to be learning from this?”

*(If any of you are fortunate to know my mother, this analytical trait and love of learning can be linked directly back to her.)

 Certainly, I have lists upon lists of things to be grateful for. My life has been challenging and eventful, and I would be nowhere without the people that populate my days. Grateful doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about my family, my friends, my colleagues, my doctors, and my coach. But there must be more, no?

 On Wednesday evening, I was teaching the weekly Kettlebell Skill Breakdown class, and there were a great deal of lightbulb moments happening. Clients were excitedly relating the drills to movements and lifts in their programming. I was hearing feedback regarding transference of concepts to activity in and out of the gym. They were visibly recognizing technique tweaks in their teammates. I found myself discussing the coaches and teachers that I learned these drills from and the circumstances that shaped their understanding of the same material. AND THEN IT CAME FULL CIRCLE.


This was an active representation of why I went into the teaching field 20 years ago. Of why I surround myself with the people and experiences that I do. No matter what the sport, art, or subject ~ The Chain of Learning is what turns me on and drives the way I approach my life. I simply love that moment when something clicks and it is 100x even more powerful for me to see it happen for someone else.


So on this Feel Good Friday (well, actually everyday) I am grateful for the teachable moment, the sharing of information, and continual evolution.


 *Sidenote: ILP member Joan Garrison kills it with the gratefulness posts. I encourage you to take a page from her book and reflect on one thing you are grateful for every morning. <3