Feel Good Friday - Sending Love to One of the Team

Walking into The Lions Den on any given day, it is common to see people chatting and catching up between sets, bringing each other water or towels, and generally getting the low-down on where people are or making plans with one another for dinner or a weekend event. We pride ourselves in being able to be that “second home” for our members and certainly feel the absence when someone is away.

 Dennis Hruska is a much beloved part of our gym community and has been training with a tight knit group for years. You can find him putting in multiple nights a week, early morning kettlebell classes, even the weekend bootcamps!

His “focus face”, quick wit, and determination make him a favorite amongst his peers and his team (and the gym as a whole) have been missing his energy quite a bit.

So on this Feel Good Friday, the Iron Lion Family would like to send out huge hugs and positive vibes for a quick recovery after some complications from dental surgery.


We Miss You, Dennis & Can’t Wait To See You Soon!!!

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