Take Pride Tuesday: Attendance Equals Results

Leonardo Da Vinci once said "It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them.  They went out and happened to things." Two important factors of your fitness journey (aside from a strong mindset) is motivation and drive—just showing up and going through the motions won’t cut it. Just ask John Cisco, an Iron Lion who is in his Senior year at Xavier High School.

Four years ago, John made the practice squad of his high school football team and had hopes to one day play on the same team his father had played on. In order to live up to the legacy, John knew that things needed to change since he was 5'0'' and about 95lbs at the time. He supplemented his football regimen with multiple weekly sessions with Coach Carlsen; beginning his weight training in order to turn his dreams into reality. 

For those of you who are not familiar with high school football, members of the practice squad are unlikely to earn a starting position at all, let alone during their senior year. However, through hard work and perseverance John finally earned his spot on the line-up as the starting corner back; weighing in at 145lbs at 5’9” and the ability to deadlift up to 275 lbs. Much of John's new found strength came from deadlifting as it helped him create force and agility needed for running, jumping and tackling.

John defied the odds and after three years of hard work and effort his determination allowed him to achieve the success he strives for. So far this season, he’s totaled over 40 tackles and 2 interceptions in 10 games as a starter. Iron Lion encourages John’s aspirations, "when I see the trainers and members of Iron Lion working to get better it motivates me to strive to do better.”  Keep your attendance at the forefront and Iron Lion will guide you in the right direction during your strength journey.

Congratulations to John on accomplishing your goals!