Take Pride Tuesday's: Skinny Fat to Lean Machine

Have you ever had that feeling of intimidation at the gym? You know, looking over at the six packs and squat perfect bottoms? It's easy to feel like you will never be one of those people who look like they’ve been at it their entire lives, but always remember- they all had to start somewhere. 

We introduce you to Mike Mannino. Looking at him now, you would never know that he was over 100 pounds heavier five years ago. His goal was initially to drop the weight, but as he approached his goal, knew he could push himself even further. Referring to himself as "skinny fat", Mike knew he had to take his accomplishment of 162 pounds down from 283 and turn it into muscle; muscle that would eventually lift heavier and become stronger overall.

Mike had lost his goal weight prior to joining ILP through gradual training regiments, diet and a positive attitude. Now enrolled in ILP's strength camp and agility classes, Mike is prepared for any challenge that comes his way; physically or mentally. 

Our recent Take Pride Tuesday blogs have begun with a goal and have graduated into making fitness an important factor in striving to be better. Like Mike, many of our clients who strive to be better, join the Iron Lion team. Don’t be overwhelmed by the end results you may see- consider them options during your own journey. Celebrate your successes and keep pushing yourself.

About Mike: He has completed the Urban Athlon at the age of 50 along with 2 century bike rides, one as recent as September 2016.  The strength camp Mike utilizes along with mixing in agility classes keep him prepared and ready for new and upcoming challenges.