Take Pride Tuesday: Tis the Time for Dedication

It's often difficult for people to begin their fitness journey at all, let alone between pumpkin lattes and oversized sweater season. How would it be possible to achieve success with the holidays and all the delicious dinner parties approaching? Just look at how our very own Den Lioness, Allison, dedicated her time and heart to her journey. 


Like most of us, Allison began her fitness journey with the goal of losing weight.  One day and one step at a time, she tackled the hardest part of the journey- her mindset. Once established, that mindset followed her to several gyms with different trainers and minimal results. Frustration led her to Iron Lion Performance where she immediately felt a difference in the atmosphere. 


“Iron Lion isn’t your typical gym”, she said. You will not find treadmills, stationary bikes lined up or heavy equipment to intimidate you into not doing your exercises. Our facility contains 15 yards of turf, squat racks, barbells, kettlebells and a ton of peer motivation. Her custom programming and guidance by her coach, Frank Duffy, has helped Allison overcome her weaknesses and correct imbalances. By setting short term goals for her to achieve, it made her journey fun and worthwhile.


Before she knew it, she was moving heavier weight, squatting deeper and even hit a 1 rep max of 240lbs on her deadlift. Never imagining that she would be able to do this she discovered a new passion in life and found herself coming in 5 days a week; more dedicated than ever. Losing a total of 30lbs to date, Allison often thanks coach Frank for teaching her patience and dedication- skills that have positively translated into her nursing education and personal life. 


Now, ILP is like Allison's second home with members who feel more like a family, striving for the same goals. The sense of community we have goes beyond the red and black walls. “Nothing that is worthwhile is ever easy”; so, remember this season to stay dedicated on your fitness goals regardless of all the holiday treats! Stop saying “I wish” and start saying “I will” and who knows - what other awesome things you can achieve on the journey to your goal.