WEIGHT LOSS WEDENSDAYS: Holiday Eating and Smart Strategies

The holiday season is rapidly approaching and with it, all of our favorite holiday eats and treats.     

Cranberry Sauce

Are you drooling Yet? If you are, you aren’t alone. Holiday goodies are responsible for the violent death of clean eating plans the world over. Men and women who meticulously chart their macros for the rest of the year suddenly find themselves eating handfuls from office holiday candy bowls and saying yes to seconds and thirds at holiday meals. While the occasional treat or cheat is far from being the end of the world, when done repeatedly over the course of several weeks (like the weeks between Halloween and New Year’s Day) they can lead to the formation of bad habits, poor nutrition, fatigue and the absolute wrong kind of “Gainz”.  Thankfully, holiday eating is not a death sentence… and with some strategic planning and a little effort, you can sail through the holidays with confidence and grace or at least a minimum of weight gain. Now, for the game plan.


Step One: Be Your Own Gatekeeper- Let’s get medieval on this for a minute. Think of your home as your castle. The same way you’d protect it from marauding invaders, muggers or travelling salesmen,(put down the baseball bat, A- Rod, it’s a metaphor) during the holidays you also need to protect it from junk food. If you don’t bring home the Halloween candy or Christmas cookies, they can’t attack you and force you to eat them.

Step Two: Plan Your Route- Office candy bowl got you down? Find yourself stopping to get a Pumpkin Spice Latté every day, twice a day because “it’s the season” and its “convenient” because it’s on your way to the train? If you find yourself repeatedly snacking because the food just happens to be there, you know its time to change your ways- like literally. Take a different route. By eliminating the temptation from your line of sight, you’ll be more prone to stick to your guns… and your healthy eating.


Step Three: Size Matters- So,  you're stuck at a holiday party and there’s a dessert buffet. Cue the horror music, right? Not necessarily. Don’t feel like you can’t have a little dessert or that you should maintain 100% abstinence from all things sweet, gooey or holiday. Going cold turkey on all junk food tends to put you in an “all or nothing” mentality, and an unhealthy mind space where you are more likely to view small slip ups as failures and deprive yourself until all you want to do is eat a plate of Christmas cookies and cry- we don’t wanna go there. 

Same food, different feels....

Same food, different feels....


     Instead, try using moderation and portion control.  If you think you’ve got to have a cookie or you’ll die? Well then take one, but walk away from the plate. If you can’t sit down to a holiday dinner without filling your plate? Use a smaller plate and do your best to limit yourself to just one. You’ll end up taking in less overall. By being conscious of the things you’re eating and trying to integrate your favorite foods in a balanced manner, you’ll feel led deprived and be less likely to binge.


WLW Tip(S) of the Week:

-          Leave junk food at the store. If you’ve GOTTA have it, buy a single serving

-           Avoid junk food pitfalls by taking daily paths that are temptation free

-          Trick your eyeballs into thinking you’re eating more than you are by using smaller plate   and bowls at holiday meals