Thankful for Continued Education

By Rick Borg

For those of you who know me, know I am not a fitness guru. I’m just a guy who appreciates living a healthier lifestyle and moving around without pain. I often see people do some amazing things on social media and wonder how many people attempt the same actions thinking it’s “cool” without understanding the basics for it to be successful. This reminded me of my own fitness journey and just how important understanding the body and how movements affect you; not to mention aligning yourself with the right people and atmospheres.

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the Fall Strength Faction seminar in Sterling, Virginia where I met up with some of my own fitness mentors—shout out to industry leaders Todd Bumgardner, Chris Merritt of BSP Nova and Mike Connelly of Rebell Strength in Chicago. The seminars exposed me to a deeper understanding of not only the business side but also being able to empathize with coaches and trainers on frequent obstacles.

USWNT and Olympic Gold Medalist, Lori Lindsey presented first with her presentation on “How to Keep Your S*** Together” – major OMG moment since I realized that I am not as organized as I need to be and thanks to Lindsey I am now the proud owner of a daily agenda planner.  The ability to map out my plans for the week and track my progress against my goals allows me to adjust the difficulty to ensure I stay on track or push myself a little further.

Following Lindsey, we heard from Chris Merritt and Todd Bumgardner on breaking down movement and how to identify problematic areas.  This portion was instrumental in aligning my understanding of the importance of the assessment. The balance between driving client value while appreciating the trust our clients put in our hands to prescribe them trainings that will strengthen their current issues; the knowledge that comes from the assessment is the glue that hold the training together.

In the spirit of the Thanksgiving season, I am most thankful for the opportunity to step out from “behind the desk” to immerse myself in the day of the life of a trainer. Understanding, appreciation and passion for this craft is a key component of what Iron Lion strives to provide to its clients. I’m pumped at the chance to climb my way to the top of the fitness ladder, in addition to the relationships we’re building amongst the best in the business. The most important point for us at ILP is to build client trust. We want you to feel safe yet challenged and we couldn’t do that without continuous education.