Athletic Performance: Remember Your WHY

The best asset we have for making a contribution to the world is ourselves. If we underinvest in ourselves, and by that I mean our minds, our bodies, and our spirits, we damage the very tool we need to make our highest contribution.
— Essentialism

Written by: Jason Harrell 

In today’s fast-paced world, the realities of scheduling and organization can be overwhelming. Often, we find ourselves in a place of information overload, and it can be difficult to filter the necessary from the non-essential- creating a culture of distraction. In which  GIFs, Bitmoji’s (mine is a ghost buster with a beard), and social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter sap our capability for productivity and focus. In fact, I’m distracted by these things as we speak. On the other hand, social media can also inspire us to push through our early mornings, training programs, business meetings and the other challenges we face in life. At times, all of us need motivation for our humpday- a little push. Social media has become a new source for that extra push. 


Motivation such as this can be thought of as short-term, what I like to call recognition and celebration . It’s a moment of reflection in which the journey towards your goal is recognized and celebrated... In moments of frustration or discouragement, this technique can be helpful..  but it’s important to remember to look at the big picture. It is important to dig deeper than momentary motivation and unearth WHY we are truly motivated to continue. When we answer this “WHY” we will likely find ourselves led to larger and more defining answers as to what really drives us forward on a daily basis, and in turn find more long-term sources of motivation. 

In training, as in life, it can be difficult to remember your WHY. Sometimes, it seems as if life is constantly testing us, challenging our resolve. We get lost in the program because maybe it’s hard, or the work day was long, or school kept you up late. This is where our “WHY” becomes most important. The WHY has to be greater than the next punch life is going to throw. It has to be greater than the distraction of information we are bombarded with in our everyday lives. When our WHY is greater than OUR tribulations, then we will be solid in our motivations instead of looking for the meme or GIF to keep you going through the motions.

Strength is a journey. Enjoy the ride.