Feel Good Friday: Random Acts of Kindness

BY: Hayley Bridgewater

“Remember there is no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.” ~ Scott Adams


It is an understatement that we have all been hit with a barrage of media lately, be it television, print, radio or on numerous social applications. Regardless of your personal feelings about the anticipated changes in our world, we can all agree that it has been loud, overwhelming, and for a great number of people, a source of anxiety.


No stranger to the role of “sounding board”, I have gladly listened, hugged, encouraged and distracted many of my family, friends and clients through these recent days, not knowing how uneasiness will ultimately choose to manifest itself. Yes, unfortunately, I have seen some very sad and scary events unfold but certainly an equal number of extraordinary moments, simple and lovely in their selfless execution, that have reinforced my belief in kindness, hope, and love.


We have incredible members here in our gym community at ILP, that is a given. I hope that I am not embarrassing him by bringing his story to this posting, but I feel that inspiration spreads like wildfire, and this ember is worth fanning.


ILP member, Anthony Pepe, (who is truly one of the nicest people that you could ever hope to meet) recently posted about his small solution to feeling powerless amidst the chaos.


*** In light of recent events that have been going on in our country, with the animosity and hatefulness that I've been hearing and seeing over the past month, I did something. Something good. I really didn't want to post this on social media because I didn't want everyone telling me how great of a person I am. I already know what I am. But here it is anyway, this morning I went to the bank and made a withdrawal of $200. I wish I could of taken out more but... I'm a professional bowler. (LOL) and decided to go to my local grocery store and pay for people's groceries until the money ran out. Spread the love. There's too much hate. Happy Holidays. ***


Spread the love, indeed. Reading that post provoked in me a “pass it on” afternoon that involved buying random cups of coffee, offering up compliments, and exchanging genuine, from the heart smiles of connection and hope. Kindness rules. Thank you, Anthony. You started quite the chain of good vibes!



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