WEIGHT LOSS WEDENSDAYS: Preparing to Fail and Damage Control


Life. It happens, and moreover, it often does so without asking your permission or if the changes its making work with your schedule.  The key to managing life (and a healthy diet) is preparation. When that fails? Stay calm and make smart choices. For instance: Pretend you’ve been reading all the blogs on Iron Lion and have made fitness and healthy eating your new religion. You’ve just finished training with your coach on a Sunday and have successfully picked up all your healthy food for meal prep. You- are a rockstar. So, you decide to take a two-hour nap before you start meal prep (#winning). The next thing you know, its 8… IN THE MORNING!!! ITS MONDAY!!! WTF?! Not only did you not cook for the week, and miss your Monday morning training session, you are now horribly late for work. So, what do you do? Burst into tears?  Sit in abject self-loathing while you struggle to get your socks on and out the door? Little of both? NEGATIVE.


     What you SHOULD do is BREATHE. Then do it again while telling yourself you can handle the situation. Next, begin damage control. Survey your meal prep groceries from the day before. Is there anything healthy you can take on the go? Can of tuna and Ziploc of veggies? Good. Don’t forget a fork. Fresh fruit and protein bars are good choices, too, when you’re running late. Planning on hitting a deli and getting takeout to save time? No sweat. Pick smart options. Most delis have egg whites and turkey bacon, and will scoop out your roll or bagel for you to make sure you aren’t getting too many servings of carbs at once. If you’re ordering takeout, skip the pizza and the burgers in favor of a salad with chicken. Above all, even if you end up having a snickers and a coke for lunch, try not to punish yourself for “cheating on” or “ruining” your healthy eating lifestyle.  You haven’t ruined anything! In healthy eating, as in virtually everything else in your life, you will rarely achieve 100% success. 

Remember: its about progress, not perfection. You’ll always have tomorrow to try again, do better and really nail it. This may seem like common knowledge, but it’s important that you remind yourself of this fact and really let it sink in… YOU are going to fail and its totally okay… Just get up, dust yourself off and get back at it.


W.L.W.  Tip of the Week: Forgive yourself for failure in the moment, and keep moving towards greater success.