Take Pride Tuesday's: The Great Wall of Joan


Sometimes connections to a gym are not specifically goal oriented or geared around weight loss. Wanting to feel good in your body is very important to many current and prospective clients. As we age, regular exercise becomes essential in keeping our bodies and minds healthy. It allows us to maintain our independence, be energetic, and remain agile: meet Joan Garrison.

You may have heard or seen “THE GREAT WALL OF JOAN.”  This is where Iron Lion members have gone to write their personal goals.  Joan quickly has become an inspiration to many of the Den members.  As you see the board and become mesmerized by the bright colors, you will notice that not everything is lifting heavy weight or losing weight.  The variety of the content is what certainly makes this wall unique.

Joan has consistently surprised herself as a member of Iron Lion.  Being familiar with the big box gyms and liking the anonymity of those types of gyms, Joan took a chance and decided to sign up with us.  She had no idea what this next training chapter would be in her life. She was very nervous about training in a small class, training with guys, and being in closer quarters.  Joan decided she was going to allow herself “to be visible and to become part of this welcoming, encouraging, and committed community of delightful personalities.”  Joan has made, and seen, and – more importantly – felt tremendous progress. Go ahead and check out her slabs. 

Joan met the trainers at Iron Lion previously and was skeptical of their ability to coach someone her age.  “I found their coaching styles physically and intellectually challenging and I was intrigued, Joan describes.  Working together they are ageless, which is very motivating for Joan.  

Joan strives to do better each time she steps into the gym.  When thinking about a facility to become your best, where you feel invited, and motivated think Iron Lion.  Like THE GREAT WALL OF JOAN, each client is unique and has his or her own set of goals.  Think of what you want to achieve.  Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or someone who is afraid of joining a gym, we encourage you to walk through the doors of Iron Lion.  Our coaches will welcome you and can offer customized and personalized support on your journey with us.   Who know, maybe you will even have your spot on THE GREAT WALL OF JOAN!