Take Pride Tuesdays - No False Starts Here, Strictly Results!!!

This week we are meeting Alexandra “Alex” Kirsch.  Alex started her fitness journey just like many clients do, questioning themselves as to why they are doing this.  She flirted with the idea of training after being convinced by her husband, but like most clients, Alex had “many false starts.” She started training once or twice per week, but didn’t see the results she was looking for. 

Alex felt like she needed more, because something was missing.  “My life changed when I found Iron Lion Performance and Coach Frank” she explained. She went on to joke that the first time she deadlifted over 100lbs -- and immediately posted it on Instagram – her friends started immediately commenting en-masse about her muscle definition.  Her confidence and self-esteem skyrocketed as a result.

In March of this year, Coach Frank asked Alex if she wanted to start tracking her results.  Admittedly a bit number-shy, she agreed with some hesitation. This was the turning point where she stopped treating her homework in the program as optional.

She quickly turned her 2x a week sessions into multiple visits per week.  She graduated from her college days of 45 minutes on the elliptical to real functional exercises that make her feel stronger and move better each day.  

The keys of success through Alex’s eyes are “finally finding exercises that challenge me without discouraging me.”

Alex now looks forward to her time at the gym with her 5-day per week program. “The coaches and other members have become friends that are borderline family. The support each member shows one another is so unique.  It helps reinforce my commitment to myself, my strength and my health” Alex stated.  You can now find Alex swinging the 64-pound kettle bell, deadlifting 205 pounds on the trap bar for homework, and randomly doing inchworms like a crazy person (it’s her favorite exercise, yes we know…. strange). “My body continues to surprise me, and I am lucky to share those physical wins with my Iron Lion Performance family,” Alex explained. 

Alex’s social media outlets now contain sweaty selfies, inclusive of her and Coach Frank mid and post work out, with pictures of healthy food choices.  These changes resulted in a positive impact that took 5 inches off her waist and 4.5 inches in her hips.  Most recently, Alex lost an additional 8 lbs. 

Throughout the last couple of months Iron Lion Performance has had the privilege of training many clients who try and figure out if this “fitness thing” is for them.  Most of our clients initially question why they are putting their bodies through this type of movement progression.  Reach out to one of the Iron Lion Performance coaches now to start tracking your results, because making excuses burns zero calories per hour!