Feel Good Friday: The Winning Mindset

By: Hayley Bridgewater

Hiya! Hayley here. Welcome to the Inaugural Edition of Feel Good Fridays ~ otherwise known as “tiny reminders about how to keep your head (and heart) in the game!”

I've been fortunate to have check-in conversations with many of the Iron Lion Performance members and outside of nitty-gritty of health and fitness related discussion, I am
hearing a lot of "so busy", "stressed out", "overwhelmed", and "tired". It is true that many of us (myself included) find ourselves feeling chained to our to-do lists, placing a check
next to our work responsibilities, meal prep, gym programming, and social engagements, but what we often forget to do is “check-in” with ourselves.

How often do you feel that you have 15-30 minutes to be fully in the moment? No phone, no social media, no headphones? Zero distractions. To really consider how you
are feeling about yourself, how you are approaching, and responding to the circumstances and people around you? Chances are, not often enough.

Yes, our workouts are important. Yes, our nutrition habits are essential. But ultimately our successes in these areas (and in life) are governed by mindset. The mental component of
how we approach and experience our training sessions, dietary choices, and sports performance largely determines the outcome.

Matters of mindset and mental approach have long been of interest in the world of athletics, but a recent abundance of research and literature on the topic has peaked my interest
in how it can help all of us achieve our goals in and out of the gym.

Today, I’d like to mention a popular idea of Fixed vs. Growth Mindset, made famous by Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck in Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, as demonstrated in the graphic below.

We can all agree that how we feel about ourselves can guide our behavior and that the mindset that we choose to embrace can affect how we live our lives and predict our
ability to achieve our goals. So the question is this – Do you recognize yourself in one of
the above models? And if you are interested in working toward a growth mindset, where do you start?

So why is this important ? If we want to keep it super simple:
The Brain is The Boss. Our brain will always allow pushing ourselves past a perceived threshold, or conversely quitting before needed. Being familiar with how it can work for (or
against) us can be our secret weapon in becoming the individuals we desire to be.