Take Pride Tuesday's : Rick Transform

The goal of “TAKE PRIDE TUESDAY’S” is to show growth in our fellow team members and share their success stories.  Each week we will focus on a success story within our community to broadcast real life victories to empower you to push yourself to the limit and achieve great strength and command of your physical sphere—after all, strength is not given, it is earned. 

This week we will focus on one of the Den’s co-founders, Ricky Borg.  For those of you who do not know him, he is 5’6 and weighed in at 187 lbs about five months ago. Growing up he maintained an active schedule, incorporating hockey, baseball, softball, basketball and football into his regimen. However, recent poor choices (no matter how small) and life changing experiences slowly progressed into a less active, 20+ pound heavier version of Ricky; not to mention tension and stress to his body and symptoms of lower back pain, neck tightness, and ankle mobility issues.

His goal began with a full assessment to understand his range of motion and areas that needed to be strengthened, resulting in a customized training program twice per week at the Den with home work-outs an additional two days per week. He quickly noticed a decreased stress level at work and an increased productivity level throughout the day and knew he needed to build on this positive momentum.  He then improved his eating habits and incorporated small changes to his diet to include a range of colored vegetables, kale and other leafy greens with a well-balanced breakfast. Over four months of improving his health, Ricky increased his training regimen from twice per week to five times per week—incorporating the Kinstretch program, massage therapy and continuing to build upon his nutritional efforts. 

It isn’t always easy as a married, parent of two, to work on his health, but in making the time, Ricky has experienced great results—weighing in at 165 pounds (a loss of 22 pounds) and dropping two pant sizes, Ricky is on the road to a much healthier lifestyle. Taking charge of your own life can be difficult, but in the end it can be extremely rewarding. As the holidays approach, many of us may find it problematic to stay motivated.  Luckily for you it’s a great time for fresh starts and new goals to build the best you.  Talk to a coach at Iron Lion this week to reassess your goals and put them up on our communication boards. We all have the opportunity to run and jump past our largest hurdles and achieve success—what will you choose for yourself?