Athletic Performance: The Goal is to Keep the Goal, the Goal

Have the end in mind and every day make sure you’re working towards it

Written by: Jason Harrell

We all have goals! This week at ILP we ALL (coaches, clients, and teams) decided to write them down. We call it the Great Wall of Joan! 


One of the reasons we created the wall was to make sure everyone here at ILP stays focused on their goals. The goal is the thing! While this sounds simple in theory, in practice it can be challenging. In life and in training, there will always be distractions to get in the way - which is totally normal and fine. Sometimes, your journey to “goalsville” will be super intense and sometimes it might feel like a bit of a snooze simply because of the steps you have to take to get there. Though you may feel pulled to other things,  Stay the course and remember to keep the goal as your primary focus.


A few bits to help with the journey…

Plan for the hunt (the program). This is your roadmap. It’s the creative and design part for the glorious goal.

The “hunt for the hunt”, pursuit of the program, is the meat and potatoes….this is where things can become tricky. The dogged pursuit of the goal requires motivation and focus. Surrounding yourself with a community of like minded people and coaches can help you with this (like Iron Lion and the Great Wall of Joan? Anyone?). The process is going to be hard, but stay the course. You set the goal…keep the goal…we’ll be here to help you get there. 

In the end of your 4, or 6, or 8 week program, “discuss the hunt” with your coach. Talk about how the program went with your coach and workout partners….ASSESS what happened: Was it successful? Did you progress? What went wrong? What could you have done better? Did you stay the course and achieve your goal?! 

In the end, it’s about progress…not perfection. After we assess..we reassess! At ILP we can do this by looking back at the Great Wall of Joan and remembering why we started. Plan the Hunt - Hunt the Hunt - Discuss the Hunt. 

Strength is journey! Enjoy the ride.