Take Pride Tuesday: Personal Training gets Semi Personal

Title: Personal Training gets (Semi) Personal

This week’s article is focused on two Den members who possess contrasting goals, but through their drive and motivation have developed a personal friendship that enhances their physical results. I introduce you to Julia Christodoulou and Tracy Messer. Julia and Tracey both have experience training in private settings and are both motivated, hard working professionals. Julia’s goal was to train for longevity and to maintain a toned physique while Tracey strived to lift as much weight as possible.

They were recently paired together in ILP’s semi-private program and in a short period of time, have built a blossoming, competitive friendship that keeps them motivated, engaged and accountable for the work they put in at the Den. Of course, the change from private training to semi private training was initially a concern with varying ambitions, however, individual programming and a strong presence of community at ILP allowed this new team to collaborate and learn something special from the other; something they had not experienced in their previous years of training.

Keeping in touch, Tracy and Julia reach out to one another to ensure they are making it to their programs and in doing so, cut down on costs per class since they now receive more training for less money – with higher productivity and levels of goal attainment.  Julia says, “It’s not just about personal gains anymore, it is about seeing your partner succeed and own the movements well.”

 ILP’s goal for all members is to not only build on personal success and experiences, but to do so in a setting that you are comfortable “putting yourself out there” to try new things and have your own team rooting for your success. Trainers and members at ILP help to build you up so you can knock your obstacles down. 


Julia is a Real Estate agent with a background in performing arts who is constantly running around from location to location meeting with new clients and has to constantly stay fresh.  Tracy is a 2nd grade teacher of the Deaf, with an active job of being on her feet all day and using sign language to communicate with her students.