Feel Good Friday: Reflections on Group Training - From The Group


Reflections on Group Training - From The Group!

By Hayley Bridgewater 

Ever since I was child, I struggled with feeling included. I found that I thrived in a group atmosphere and adored being part of a team. That feeling is in the forefront of my mind when I coach, especially in a group setting. I want everyone to feel important, engaged, involved, and enjoying the learning process! Small group training is a big part of what we do at ILP and when you have groups that mesh well, it's a special kind of magic.

I am quite fortunate to work with such groups, one in particular whose dynamic is so simpatico, that most days, it is hard for me to wipe the cheesy grin off my face. They literally keep me giggling. Though my intent was to write about the importance of peer support and the dynamics of group training, my background research threw me off track....off track into a teary mess, to be exact.


Speaking to these women separately about their experience working with each other was simply too honest and too lovely to alter their words. To realize that they see in each other what I see in them, is priceless. Thank you Laura, Angela, Kat, and Heather! You made my Feel Good Friday!





From Left to Right - ILP members Kat, Angela, Heather andLaura


I've never worked out in a group so at first I wasn't sure what to expect, but I've found that I really enjoy it. I like meeting new people and training together, in my opinion, does develop an extremely unique bond I’venever experienced before. It makes training fun and effective. Our vibe together makes us cheer and push each other on to finish a set or a circuit and have fun while working out. My group makes me look forward to my next session at the gym. ~ Kat

I remember when my hubby brought me over to the gym. Honestly, I was intimidated. It looked like a manly gym. I wanted to run out. But Ricky set me up with Hayley. It was a little less intimidating because she was a woman. I was told she was certified in kettlebells, which is something I am very interested in. I really wanted to work with weight. Hayley is always motivating and giving high fives with her awesome smile of encouragement and proudness. At first it was just Laura and I. She makes me laugh and I felt as if we gelled right away. Shortly Kat came along. The dynamic is great. I feel as if we have known each other forever, yet it has been a short time. Heather joined us shortly after. It's cool watching her with her badass chains (and I mean that as a compliment). She is more advanced but works along with us and is just as nice as everyone else. You never feel competition among one another, only encouragement. I look forward to my workouts and honestly don't like missing them when things come up. I have goals and am excited to be on this journey.



I am admittedly a lone wolf when it comes to the gym. I get in, get my workout done and get out. I place the majority of my focus on the program, which is good, to an extent. Working out with this group has helped me to remember that it's not all about the program, but also enjoying the process! We talk, we laugh, we relax, and we get a good workout in. So you get the physical and emotional aspect of health; something that I find many New Yorkers are sorely in need of. Lastly, I enjoy working with people of different ages and skill levels because I learn through watching them learn. As a personal trainer myself, it is my job to understand, breakdown and teach movement. Through observing others working through the mechanics in this setting, it allows me to gain a greater understanding of how movements work, how they can breakdown, and to better teach them. All in all, I'd say my time with the girls has been invaluable!
~ Heather

“Inhale confidence, Exhale doubt”... That is how I would describe this group. The women I work with inspire me because we truly care about staying healthy. We support each other during our workouts and through our conversations, we have helped each other through personal and professional issues. I believe this is why we work well together. We can laugh at each other (which is important to me), because I feel that working out is and should be fun, and these gals make it work for me. ~ Laura