Mindful Eating

“Slow Down For Faster Fullness”

    I am sure that by now, you have heard that eating slowly can prevent overeating. Turns out that this is more than common sense. Your body determines fullness not only on stretch cues (determined by the bulk of the food –THINK: Fill Level) but also from a hormonal response that's triggered as your food leaves the stomach and enters the small intestine. This takes time. (around 20 mins or so). So… how do you slow down? Try eating with mindfulness. Say what?! NOTICE your food. Instead of shoveling it in, notice it. How does it taste? Smell? Look? Feel?  Notice how the flavors change as you chew each bite. Now repeat.


W.L.W. Tip of the Week:

-Take your meals in a place where you wont be distracted, if at all possible. This will help you focus on the sensory aspects of your food and slow down.