Take Pride Tuesday : Pauline Transforms

Welcome to the second edition of Take Pride Tuesday’s, as we would like to introduce you to Pauline Kakkos. Pauline is one of our fiercest members within the Lion’s Den and has accomplished so much in such a short period of time.  In sitting down and talking to Pauline it was very clear that this warrior was not aware for what she was about to discover within her inner sphere.  “It started out as a goal to lose weight, and now has become more than that, as I now want to be strong. This has become who I am as a person,” Pauline stated.  

For those of you who do not know Pauline, she started at Iron Lion a little over a year ago.  Within a years’ time she has lost over 40lbs and is now working out 5x per week, taking advantage of all of the extra additional support Iron Lion provides including Kinstretch and Nutrition programing.  This transformation did not happen overnight as she steadily grew into this life style.  Pauline never truly listened to her body due to her busy work and travel schedule.  While traveling from location to location, she typically drives and while at her client’s locations she is mostly sitting at computer typing and reviewing documents.  The common theme for her job responsibilities was sitting down in a crouched like position for long periods of time.  This has caused neck and back pain which most of us encounter.  
Her custom training program has her workouts focused on releasing those tension areas of her neck and back creating balance to reduce and release the stress from her everyday life.   What started out as goal of losing weigh has now become “who I am as a person.”  “When I don’t come into the gym I don’t feel good,” Pauline stated.   

One thing that is very apparent in meeting Pauline is her hard work ethic.  Within the Den, you can find her deadlifting, pushing the prowler and occasional swinging of the 106lbs kettlebell on any given day.  This is all done pain free and in total control of her body.  
It is evident that she wants to inspire people, “I want someone to look at me and say because of you I didn’t give up.”  This is very important and is something that makes Pauline very special.  

It isn’t always easy to continue to push yourself, but luckily for you it is a great time for fresh starts and new goals to get healthy; whether you’re a seasoned gym veteran or just beginning your fitness journey, a little extra motivation can be just what you need. 
Each week we will focus on a success story within our community to broadcast real life victories to empower you to push yourself to the limit and achieve great strength and command of your physical sphere—after all, strength is not given, it is earned.