Take Pride Tuesday - The Strength Camp reflects on the Tactical Strength Challenge

This past fall, Iron Lion Performance was host to our first Strong First Tactical Strength Challenge. The TSC is held twice a year (Spring and Fall) all over the world and is an exciting measurement of strength and conditioning, specifically proficiency in the Deadlift, Kettlebell Snatch, and Pull-Up.

We have had many people inquire about participating this year and as it is time to be dialing in that training process, we wanted to share with you the experiences of your fellow members!


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Monthly Mindset: Stronger Together

As December comes and goes, and we begin to look at the new beginnings of 2019, remember to buy-in to yourself and keep riding out the process. Furthermore, as you build upon this, recognize that we’re all in this thing together! We are stronger as a team, and it is why we are #ironlionstrong.

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